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7 benefits of yoga for children

Yoga is the exercise for everyone, including children. Here’s 7 benefits of yoga for your kids to practice.

Yoga is non-competitive

In a fast-paced and competitive nowadays, children have to learn about winning over each other and achieving the most. However, when it comes to yoga, there is no one better than other nor winner in any competition. Kids are also taught that everyone has different body; hence, they are excellent at different things which are all good. What they are really learning from yoga classes is discovering themselves over and over to further improve.


With continuous self-discovery and pay no attention to win over anyone else, yoga teaches kids to respect and cherish themselves from the young of development. Indeed, while exploring, they find several good characteristics, their strengths to be proud of, which makes them confident and love the way they are. This results in positive mentality at teenage, when most of teens are obsessed with self-doubt.

Respect for others

As yoga teaches children to respect and cherish themselves, they are also taught to love other people as well. This will help creating friendly and peaceful community in the for your kids’ generation.

Yoga for kids
Yoga teaches kids to respect and cherish other people as they are


Healthy habits

When kids are doing yoga, they are also learning to love and self-care themselves. Especially when practicing yoga since young age, children are educated a healthy eating habit together with frequent workout schedule.  


Kids are easily distracted with everything around them. Doing yoga helps them to highly concentrate on breathing, correcting yoga poses as well as sitting still for hours. This stillness also trains kids to focus on thinking and self-reflection.

kid yoga
Kids can practice to highly focus in yoga class


When facing a frustration, kids tend to burst out crying. However, a kid practicing yoga and is used to breathing can better control their emotion. Rather than crying, they think more about the situation and make wiser decision.

Positive mental health

When kids are provided with all above benefits, they are having a diverse and positive mental health. Indeed, when kids love themselves, cherishing others, learning to keep calm and maintaining healthy habits, all of which make them happy no matter what and confident under any circumstances.

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