Kailash Shiva kriya

    Shiva has different meanings. One of the principal Gods of Indian mythology known as “the destroyer”. Destruction of the old is essential to give space for new creation. Here we are invoking the concept of destroying the old mind patterns that are not functioning in your best interests and making space for something you want to create consciously.   Shiva is also considered to be the first human – adiyogi who understood the essence of creation through meditation and yoga so he is the very first spiritual guru that imparted knowledge of the true essence of existence – everything is one. There is one energy that is manifesting differently creating the illusion of separateness.   We are using breathing to connect with the source of life and existence. No one can survive without breathing. We breathe not to consume oxygen, we also breathe out oxygen (in CO2). We breathe to tap into the energy of the source. for more information please come to our event.