Zen Meditation

Zazen is just simple as: sitting and do nothing


What is Zen Meditation?

Zen meditation, also known as Zazen or sitting meditation, is original to Buddhism from 2,500 years ago. In fact, Zazen is a more popular name since it is not totally a type of meditation. The differences range from purposes to methods and techniques in practicing. While most meditation type have particular techniques to attain through manipulating such as counting breath (Breath meditation), chanting mantra (Mantra meditation). Zazen is just simple as: sitting and do nothing. It doesn’t require any difficult posture or pre-concentration-ability to start. There’s barely any attempt for doing zazen.

Why practice Zen Meditation?

Regarding purpose of practice, Zazen allows people to let go all their goals and judgement surrounding. Because goal is something belong to the future, while your body and mind are in the present, then you should rather focusing on what is happening now. When practicing zazen, you are taught to focus only on the sensation and thought that are passing flowing inside your body but no trying to hold or summon it, instead, let it go naturally. After several session of zazen, you can actually feel your body parts are not parts, they are unified strongly.  

sitting meditation


Doing zazen without effort does not mean that you can lie on the bed and call it a zazen. Before start, sitting in an upright and attentive posture. You can face the wall, place your hands on your knees, whatever comfortable to you the most. Regulate your breath while doing zazen, slow and relaxed.

Benefits of Zen Meditation

  • Concentration improvement
  • Stress and mental illness reduction
  • Enhance the resilience to pain
  • Regulates blood pressure

Zen Meditation allows people to let go all their goals and judgement surrounding