Would you like to become a yoga teacher?

We are a registered origination in New Zealand, we teach to people yoga and meditation. Our mission is “love humanity, love the world” if you would like to be part of the origination please feel free to contact us.

Our projects are corporate yoga, Community yoga, Student yoga, Self-motivation program, make peaceful life, and make a change in your life, successful life.

An opportunity for being a yoga teacher is that you get to teach people of their well-being and there is also a demand for them within the yoga community.

Level of Skill:

Course Information:


• Teaching nadi shodhana pranayama, kapalabhati and anuloma viloma
• Breathing Structure Practise
• Posture For pranayama

Hatha Yoga:

• Surya pranam
• Types of hatha posture: Backward bending posture, forward bending posture, standing posture, sitting posture, spinal twisting posture.
• Meditative steps of performing the hatha yoga; centering, entering, refining, holding, coming out, and reflection

Anatomy and physiology:

• 5 Points
• Pancha tatwa
• Panchakosha
•Pancha pranas
• Nadis
• Chakras
• Effect of yoga posture on muscles and systems
• Sitting postures for mediation
• What is Meditation
• Effects of meditation on daily life
• 5 mins of meditation
• Types of meditation

Mantra Chanting:

• Morning Mantra
• Shiva Mantra
• Om mantra
• Night Mantra
• Food Mantra

Personal Study and Homework:

• Feedback
• Group discussion
• Questions and answers
• Homework

Accommodation on extra cost.

During your stay here you will be staying a shared room with fellow applicants, this way you can interact more with each other and the room is fully insulated and has a private bathroom, you will be given full access to WI-FI…

25 Days of full-time

Part-time 100 days 2 hours every day

Cost: $2000

Payment: Part Payment available and full payment gets discount. If the applicant does not have money they can work as volunteers and we can teach after finishing the hours.