Breath Meditation

Rest the mind, focus on breath, inhale and exhale while closing eyes.

breath meditation

Why should do Breath Meditation?

Breath meditation is the method of resting the mind, focusing on breath, the inhale and exhale, usually while closing our eyes. It might be strange to say that people can attain the state of mindfulness just by breathing. However, meditation indeed gives you the feeling of calm, relaxation and a quick way to get rid of distraction by highly focusing on breathing in and out. After a few minutes meditating, your mind is refreshed, peaceful and easily deal with the world around you.

Impact of Breath Meditation

Breath meditation have so much benefits to practitioners.

  • For relaxation: refresh your mind after a hard working day is the best method to feel relaxed. It is a way to forget all the stuff at work, or in the day, which results in a peaceful and calm feeling.
  • Release negative feelings: while practicing to set everything aside and focus only on breathing, you also leave the negative feelings, for example when you are hot tempered, stuck or stressed, a few minute meditation is so effective that after the session, you come back as a calm person and are ready to deal with the problem.
  • Inner peace: Breath meditation also helps people find their own inner peace, as well as happiness while self-control and calm.



breath meditation
how to do breath meditation

Who and How to perform Breath meditation?

Everyone, regardless of age, could practice meditation from today because you have all conditions to start. What you need is finding a quiet place, which is available everywhere, from room corner at work, library at schools or your bedroom. Next, you can choose to stand or sit, as long as comfortable, close your eyes and start. Note that some people still have their eyes opened while meditating, again, it is up to you provided that you feel pleasant. Last but not least, focus on your breath. This is important cause you need to empty your mind, set everything aside and only concentrate on inhale and exhale. Just as normal breath, and you made it. Do breath meditation in the day or night is all good for your mental health, hence acquire a quality sleep.

Benefits of Breath Meditation

  • Release negative feelings
  • Reduces stress, anxiety & depression
  • Find out inner peace
  • Regulates blood pressure

Breath meditation also helps people find their own inner peace, as well as happiness while self-control and calm.